Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anti-OWS Campaign

Recently, I read an article about how a Wall Street lobbying group plans on spending $850,000 to undermine the influence of Occupy Wall Street.  Some reporter managed to get a leaked memo from this lobbying group that talks about strategy and the fact that they might need to pay for advertising to help their efforts.

Now, I'm a staunch Democrat/progressive and support OWS, but I like money even more.  In hopes that I might get some of that advertising cash, I put together a potential ad campaign.  Any lobbyists want to buy it?  Anyone? 

This guy put his naked butt against a police car.  NOTHING OWS SAYS IS VALID!

Ha Ha Ha!  Stupid commie!  Don't you know Steve Jobs supported massive bank bailouts?

You don't put up with camping in Battlefield 3.  Don't put up with it in political protests!

This isn't police brutality.  He's just making a vegetarian buffet for some hippies.
If OWS was a real movement...  FOX News would have funded it!

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