Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Blog Entry Today

You’re probably wondering why I won’t be posting a blog entry today.  My son is home today so his school can have parent/teacher conferences.  (He’s doing fine.  Good penmanship.  Works well with others.  Thanks for asking.)  We decided that he should do his homework early while I worked on today’s entry.

As I was sitting down to write, he called for me for help.  He was supposed to put his spelling words in alphabetical order, and had done that, but was missing one.  I spent a couple minutes finding the missing word (“every”) and went back to write.  A few minutes later, he called me back because he couldn’t find his math assignment (he had skipped one earlier in the week and forgotten).

A minute later, he called me back because he didn’t have a newspaper.  The math assignment was to pick out something for sale from a newspaper or magazine ad and do math based on the price.  I found him a furniture catalog, Newsweek, and a copy of Lucky.

Thirty seconds later, he called me back with more problems:

Newsweek doesn’t have ads.
That’s the problem with liberal rags.  Don't those commies know how important ads are to our nation?!
The furniture catalog didn’t have anything for under $675 and he needed something cheap.
Unless he was going to buy a tiny, tiny chair.
Lucky had a picture of a naked woman hailing a cab
Not really a problem, but we did have to spend a lot of time staring at it.
I dumped the three magazines, went outside and dove headfirst into our paper recycling bin.
Hey! Pizza boxes go in the garbage can!
Finally, I found a circular for True Value hardware stores with some small-ticket items.

He’s now yelling to me from his room asking what “free with rebate” means.

So, I’m not writing today.  Sorry.

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