Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Sorry

I live only a few miles from Moffett Field.  Moffett is a military base where NASA does a lot of work.  It also acts as a community center, with a museum, a university campus, and (once a month) model rocket launches.
Pretty cool, eh?
Moffett Field has a special place in my mind too, as one of my favorite video games I played in college involved saving it from terrorist attack.  I’d play that mission over and over again, racing my F-18 after a cruise missile, trying to shoot it down before it blew up.  Most games, I’d just make it in time.  Every now and then, grey circles of smoke would rise from the explosion, a puffy cloud of failure.  I would sigh and restart the game, happy that it wasn’t real.
So realistic!  Man, the graphics were amazing back then.
Except, that it was real today.  You may not have noticed it amid the other news of the assassination of an Afghan ex-president (during a peace negotiation), the assaults on our bases worldwide, the mass desertions from our military, and numerous terrorist attacks that the mainstream media won’t cover.  Moffett Field was attacked today.  The few civilians living there managed to fend off the terrorists, but six people were killed.

The scene of the attack.  They still haven't released all the details.

I’m scared; that was only a few miles from my house!  I’m worried; who will protect my children?  I’m sorry; I helped make this happen.

Yeah, that’s right.  It was me.  Maybe I didn’t do all of it, but I did enough.  I voted for Obama.  I wrote snarky posts.  I argued with my friends.
I mean, everyone was posting these signs.  I should have known.
I was wrong.  I was for allowing gays to serve openly in the military.  I was all for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I was deaf.  I was deaf to the fact that closeted homosexuals make better soldiers.  I was deaf to the reality of how much better our armed services are with bigots serving.  I was deaf to the pleas of my religious friends who warned me about how God’s wrath would obliterate our (mostly Christian) nation for the crime (barely mentioned in the Bible) of treating homosexuals like human beings.
Oh, these signs, too!  I should have read them.
To those people who tried to tell me the truth, let me say I’m truly sorry I wasn’t as closed minded like you.  I only hope our nation will survive long enough to re-intern the Japanese, put African-Americans back into slavery, and execute all the homosexuals.  Our country can be just as white and Christian and ideologically pure as we like to think it used to be.
Our new leader.
Won’t that be wonderful?

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