Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Future Pathology

Look at the above image and ask yourself: what is it?  It's obviously text, but what does it mean?

Got your guess?  Ready for the answer?

This is the DBIM from now on.  Last time I posted a DBIM entry, I finished up everything I'd put on my old website (before I decided to make it a professional website for my games).   This is a screen grab of my list of all the dead birds I encountered in movies, books, games, and television, but didn't have time to catalogue.  This is the list I've been keeping since late 2006. 

It's not a complete list.  It goes on for a few more lines.  I just couldn't fit them all on the screen at once.  Looks like I've got enough craziness to feed on for a few more years.  When it's done, I'll have to take up a different mental illness.  Something like schizophrenia or economics.

So, what did you guess?

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