Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun With Freecycle: Mailbox

[Note: Sometimes I get rid of old stuff on Freecycle.  I find it more fun to describe things colorfully than factually.]

Behold, my old mailbox.  It’s white with a gold lid and those little curly thingies underneath that paperboys used to use when they dropped off their papers.

Maybe I should explain what paperboys were.  They were kids who used to ride around on bikes and put newspapers in front of your house.  Oh, do I have to explain what a newspaper was?  It was this big roll of paper they printed information on and hand-delivered to your door.  Newspapers were written by…  Oh, never mind, just grab your iPad and look it up on Wikipedia.

The mailbox has a lock on it.  I don’t have the key and am a bit perplexed as to why you’d need it.  I mean, who wants to lock the mail carrier out?  Do you really hate getting mail that badly?  Keep in mind, if you take this mailbox then somebody might put mail in it.  Don’t freak out if letters appear in it every few days.  Come to think of it, this mailbox doesn’t seem to get letters.  It only gets advertising and bills.  If you want letters, you might need to go out and buy one.
Also, there is this little bronze emblem on the front.  I don’t know why it’s there.  I’ve tried using it as a trivet, a branding iron, and a charm to ward off the evil eye.  It doesn’t work well for any of those things.  If you figure out what it’s for, let me know.

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