Monday, July 25, 2011

Stop Complaining!

I was on a plane this weekend from Boston to San Francisco and, as I often do when I fly long distances, I pondered this bit by the comedian Louis C.K.:

 Mr. K is right; we really take too much for granted.  Here are some other things I realized we take for granted:
The above image came up when I googled "Childbirth Horror."
Getting pregnant used to be a death sentence, as childbirth was the leading cause of women’s deaths.  When a husband said to his wife “I want to have lots of kids!” it used to mean “I want to kill lots of women with my progeny!”
"That's hot."
Cooking used to be dangerous, too.  Long skirts and open fires were a bad mix.  It’s a shame it took so long to invent miniskirts.  On the other hand, that might have caused more childbirth deaths (see above).
Of course, I have an excuse to post this picture.
Governments used to routinely kill their citizens, even the wealthy ones!  Now we only kill our citizens in pointless wars, or by keeping them in poverty until they commit crimes we can execute them for, or by making them watch Glenn Beck.

And, not to diminish the crimes at Abu Ghraib, but King Richard the Lionhearted was much worse to his prisoners.
I have nothing funny to say here.
You remember King Richard, right?  He’s the one Robin Hood fought so hard to keep in power.

Lionheart executed 2,700 Muslim prisoners, many of them women and children, because he thought they might become a burden.  Kinda makes you wish for John, doesn’t it?
Of course, he made a terrible lion.
Finally, say what you will about modern medicine, people used to die before the age of fifty.  Of course, what with the catching fire while cooking, wars, and abusive governments, maybe that was a blessing.

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