Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cape Cod Trip Report 2011 Pt. 3

One does not sleep in Cape Cod; one lies in bed.  Much like someone in Everest’s low oxygen zone, I can’t really sleep here.  I just wait with my eyes closed.

Children do not sleep until after midnight.  When you place a child at the far end of a king-sized bed, they are gravitationally attracted to jab their knees into your undefended back.  All night long, I sneak around to the far side of the bed to sleep for a few minutes before the knees return. 

I am covered by an oil made up of sweat, sunblock, bycatch, and deep-fried seafood.  This layer of slime makes me itch and think I am being attacked by mosquitoes all night long.  Of course, most summers I return home covered in bites, so they could be real.

It is amazing that even half the Pilgrims survived the first winter in the new world.  I would have killed off everyone in the colony one day after getting off the Mayflower.

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