Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her

So, I was thinking recently about this movie called ThingsYou Can Tell Just by Looking at Her.  Honestly, all I can remember about the movie is:
  • It’s made up of a bunch of small stories about several different women.
  • One of the stories is a tarot card reader talking to Glenn Close.
  • One of the stories is the tarot card reader telling her girlfriend about how, as a kid, she killed one of her canaries.
That’s right!  This is another installment of the DBIM!  I tricked you.  See, I’ve noticed my traffic rate goes down every time I post a DBIM entry.  To combat this problem, and to continue to give myself an outlet for my outrage, I’m going to trick you into reading articles with DBIM entries in them.

And then I rule the world!  Bwahahahahahahaahahahaaaa!
"You have fallen into my over-prepared yet easily escaped trap!"
So, the tarot card reader tells her dying girlfriend about how, as a kid, she tried to clean the canary’s cage with a vacuum cleaner and sucked up one of the birds by accident.  Cringing, they laugh.  Funny, that’s how I reacted when a college friend told me how she accidentally fed her new hamster to her dog.
"Funny how I didn't see it coming, or the fact my girlfriend was going to die of cancer."
Another interesting (not interesting to you, interesting to me) fact is that this is the movie that finally made me start keeping a record of DBIMs.

Severity: 2
Genre: Movie
Date: 2000
Mitigating Factor: We don’t see it happen.
Aggravating Factor: She tells us she still remembers how the bird felt being sucked up past her hand.  They laugh, albeit uncomfortably.

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