Monday, June 13, 2011

Skydiving Pt 8


Fuck me.

Damn it.

God damn it.

God, mother fucking, shit sucking damn it.

Fuck Byron, California.

Fuck the hour and a half drive all the way out to fucking Byron, California.  Fuck the cows.  Fuck the cute little school house.  Fuck the windmills.  Especially fuck the windmills.

Fuck the fucking wind.  Fuck the sun and the spin of the Earth for making the wind.  And fuck those little shits the butterflies while we’re at it.

And fuck the people who made up the God-damned rules about first timers not jumping on windy days.  Fuck the guy who worked at the skydiving place who suggested I call ahead before driving with my family an hour and a half to get to the fucking place.  Well, don’t fuck him for telling me that, fuck him for NOT telling me that two hours earlier.

And fuck my stupid hair.  My stupid hair keeps growing while I put off going to the barber until I skydive.  Shit.

Fuck me and my stupid fucking decision not to cut my hair until I jumped.

Fuck me.


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