Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Child failures

Everyone on Facebook was posting this article in the Atlantic, so I read it.  The general gist of it is that, by not letting our kids fail and by trying to keep them happy, we leave them unprepared for a life that isn’t always happy.

I began to think: what about all the children’s books?  Pretty much every child’s book tells children that, if they try hard enough, they’ll get everything they want.  We need a new kind of book that embraces failure.

I’ve posted my suggestion for one below:

You gave it your best,
Gave it all that you got,
But still you lost in the end.
You’re just not that hot.

Yes, you’re a failure,
But don’t feel sad,
The world is full of losers
Who are just as bad!

So remember this
When you just can’t win
Life is going to crush you,
Until you give in.

But don’t you fret,
And don’t you cry.
‘Cause the day you give up
Is the day you die!

No one loves a quitter
And no one loves the dead
Just shake those bad thoughts
Right out of your head.

Now go to sleep my darling
Underneath the evening moon
Another chance to fail
Is coming real soon!

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