Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Star Your Fingers

Okay, Simon, I want to do a blog post on starring my fingers. 

What?  Oh, you know how people say to cross your fingers if you tell a lie or want luck?  When I was in Junior High, I thought I’d come up with alternatives for other religions.  Anyway, I want to do a blog post on how to do a star if, say, you’re a Pagan. 

What’s a Pagan?  That’s anything that’s not Jewish/Christian/Muslim/Satanist…  You know what?  Never mind, we’ll talk about that later.  Maybe when you’re in your late twenties. 

Anyway, I need to take pictures and I can’t take pictures of my own hands.  No, really, try it someday.  Can you take the pictures?  Look, you just hold my phone like this and push the button.  Oh, yeah, you can start with a picture of me.  Cheese. No, push harder.  Cheese.  No, harder.  Cheese.
Eek, do I really look like that?
Now, let’s do my hands.  So, you start with the victory sign.

Then you overlap your hands, now you have the first three points. 

Hey, over here!  No, he hates having his picture ta-.

Yeah, okay, so I bought him too much breakfast.  Can you come back and take a picture of my fingers?  It hurts to hold them like this for a long time.  So, now you touch the tips of your ring fingers together.

And finally, you touch the tips of your thumbs and pinkies together to get them out of the way.  See?  Pentagram. 

You don’t see.  Let me draw a diagram.

Now you see?  Wait, where are you?  Simon!  Where did you go with my phone?

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