Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Jewish Star Your Fingers

After yesterday’s post about making a pentagram of your fingers, I was flooded with emails.  Half of my readership (Hi mom!) was upset that I hadn’t covered Jewish stars.  The other half wanted me to turn off the laptop and go to bed.
In order to not offend any religions, at least not intentionally, I decided to cover how to make their religious icons.  Once again, I asked my son to be my camera man.  Say “hi” Simon!

Jewish Star/Star of David/Mogen David/That Thing on the Israeli Flag
Start by holding your fingers of both hands out with your middle fingers pointing straight at each other.

Overlap your middle fingers and touch your ring fingers.  This makes the first of the two triangles.

Now touch your pointer fingers and thumbs together to make the other triangle.

If you did it right, you should have a star within a star, looking something like this.
If you did it wrong, your fingers will look something like this.

Taoist Yin-Yang
Make a fist with one hand.

Now stick your thumb out.

Make a C shape with your other hand touching the thumb and fist.
Easy!  Just like finding enlightenment.

No, wait, that was too easy.

What, are you kidding?  This is the symbol for Hinuism.

This is what my hands would have to look like to pull that off.

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