Monday, May 9, 2011

Events Calendar

I work at a DeVry, but I’m only brought in from time to time, so I don’t feel I have a strong connection to what’s going on, when the school year starts, etc.  When I need to know something, I go to the online calendar, type in the year, and do a quick skim through the events.  It’ll say stuff like this:

School Calendar 2011

June 1- Beginning of Summer Term

July 4 – No classes

August 15 – Grades Due

And so on.  This time, however, I made a mistake.  When I entered the year, instead of typing a 2, I typed a 1.  This is what I got:

School Calendar 1011

January 18– Mael Morda Rebellion (Irish students only!)

March 3 – School-wide celebration: King Aethelred to pay tribute to the Vikings!

April 19 – Archbishop of Canterbury to be murdered (NO SCHOOL)

June 30 – Gregory VI to become antipope (register for cap and gown if you plan to attend)

October 31 – Samhain (NO SCHOOL)

November 2 – Black plague (Europe and Asia campuses only)

December 9 – Grades due

I went back and tried putting in a 3 and all I got was:

February 15 - Asteroid causes extinction of all life on Earth (NO SCHOOL!)

I guess I don’t have to worry about getting my grades in on time, after all.

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