Monday, April 4, 2011


I went to the dentist today.


It took four shots to numb me, and it still hurt.


It’s hours later, and I’m still numb.  I hate the feeling and won’t be eating anything until it wears off.  Pretty good diet plan, actually.


You know, there’s nothing I can talk about that hasn’t been done (brilliantly) by Bill Cosby, years ago.

It’s a little hard to come up with topics for this blog, especially ones that haven’t been done to death by others.  I was looking forward to coming up with some new material, but this is all I could come up with that was new:

Laughing Gas
I was going to do the laughing gas, even though the idea made me uncomfortable, simply for something to write about.  However, the dentist told me that insurance wouldn’t cover it and that it cost $75.
"Come on, it's great!"
“Bring on the needles,” I said.

Dentists have the coolest freaking tools these days.  Here’s some kind of suction doohickey that also holds your tongue down.
Or, maybe it's a IUD.

And here’s a frigging huge needle.

Here’s something that mixes two goops together and makes one purple goop that they stick in your mouth to keep the dentist from getting bored.
You can also use it to epoxy toys back together.
Oh, and this is me, with all the cool equipment in my mouth at the same time.
No, really, I'm smiling.
They have teevee at the dentist!  I watched people rescuing animals, including one woman who tried (and failed) to catch a Canadian Goose with a giant net gun.
Goose 1.  Technology 0.

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