Monday, April 18, 2011

The Last Trip to the Dentist

Here we go again.

I finally got my gold filling in.  It took two weeks for them to make.  With gold, they have to send the impression of your tooth out to a jewelry store (but it comes with matching earrings).  Most people get white or silver fillings nowadays, but my dentist insists that gold is better.  He says gold lasts longer or wears better or makes it easier for him to pay his mortgage or something.  I can’t remember.
"And this is what paleontologists will see when they dig you up in a thousand years!"
The procedure was needle-less, which was nice.  And my temporary filling had broken AGAIN, so it wasn’t hard to get out.  The only discomfort was when he had to dry the hole in my tooth by blowing air at it.  Yowie!  I guess having a lot of saliva is a bad thing, but the ladies never complained.  Okay, ew, sorry I made that joke.

Anyway, here’s the new tooth in place.
I wanted a sillier picture, but the dentist wanted to show off his handiwork.

And here’s what I look like with it in.
In other news, I look like Will Smith.

And here’s my dentist’s card.  It has floss built right in!
If they could fit it with piano wire, James Bond would love it.
If you choose to use his services, there’s a secret contest.  Count how many times he says “I’m putting on a little vitamin E.”  If you get to five times, he’ll give you a free whitening!

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