Friday, April 22, 2011

DBIM: Mars Attacks!

I've never liked Tim Burton movies.  I've always tried, but they all seem devoid of...  What's the word?  Oh, yeah, plot.  And characters.  And emotion.  Ever since Batman, I've tried to appease all my fanboy/girl friends who think he's a genius and by watching his films, but I've always been disappointed.

Severity: 3 (2 deaths, played for humor, -1 mitigating, +1 aggravating)
Genre: Movie
Date: 1996
Description: The evil aliens are terrified of birds. In one scene they shoot one out of the sky and in another they kill one in a cage.
Mitigating Factors: The movie is pretty gruesome to non-birds too.  They kill a dog, in one scene and, heck, almost everyone else on the planet.
Aggravating Factors: The birds are fried into skeletons.

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