Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I started out the day with a glimmer of hope.  With a full day of grandparental babysitting ahead of me, I figured I could get a heck of a lot done.  My to do list looked like this:
·         Clear email/respond
·         Get new business bank account
·         Finish library book and return it
·         Work on game design documents
·         Blog
·         Edit two chapters of novel
·         Exercise
·         Clean House (laundry, dishes)

Ah, the best laid plans.  I made an appointment to talk to a bank and played with my kids while waiting for the babysitters/parents.
No, but I did yesterday.  Why?
You may remember, I had to go to the dentist and they put ina temporary filling.  Well, while sucking on a mint (on the other side of my mouth), the filling fell out.  I had to make an appointment for the afternoon to see the dentist again.
Not that kind of DBA.
I went through my files looking for evidence of my DBA statement (a letter from the county saying I was “Doing Business As” my company), but couldn’t find it, although I did manage to make a mess of my files and waste an hour looking.  I found what I could and went off to meet the bankers.

As it turns out, they really needed the DBA statement.  When they went online to confirm I had one, it wasn’t there.  I told them I’d look again and left.
No, not like that.
Side note, have you ever noticed height charts on doors in banks?  It turns out they’re for measuring bank robbers as they run out.  I tried to take a picture of the marks, but it turns out you can’t take a picture in a bank.  Go figure.

At the dentist, my hygienist chewed me out for flossing my temporary filling.  You read that right.  For the first time in human history, a dentist told a patient he shouldn’t have flossed.  I promise I never will again.
This seems familiar.
Anyway, she tried, but couldn’t put the filling back in.  They made another temporary, but it took another half hour and I still have to go back for the permanent, gold one on Monday.
"My, you have a lot of saliva, sir."
Another side note: I have no idea what my hygienist looks like, but she has amazingly well-manicured eyebrows.  If you have good eyebrows, dentistry might be the career for you.

Back at home, I found more documentation for my DBA statement craftily hidden next to where I had been sitting.  I called the county and found out that they had misspelled my company name.  Seriously, who spells vacuum with two Cs?  They said they’d fix it and I went back to the bank.
No, wrong again.
Once there, I showed the bankers my misspelled company DBA online.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t issue me an account to Vacuum Genesis. They could only make me an account for Vaccum Genesis.  I had to come back later.

And I was out of time.  So much for my big plans.

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