Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Trip Report: Part 3

Turn right at the next intersection.
Make a U-turn at the next intersection.
You idiot, now you have to make a U-turn at the next intersection.
Are you even listening? Turn around!
You want to play with me? Fine, I just deleted the email with your flight information. HA!
-Google Maps for Android

On the way down to the wedding, my brother and I noticed the oddest shaped building. I insisted it was a church, but it turned out to be the National Museum of the Marine Corps. On our last day, it turned out we couldn’t go on the excursions we had hoped to go on (we were going to hit the resting places of both Stonewall Jackson’s arm and Benedict Arnold’s leg and do an experiment), so we did the Marine Museum instead.

By the time we arrived at the museum, I was worried about missing my flight, but knew I couldn’t return without gifts for my kids. Every delay began to grate on my nerves. I couldn’t find parking because the parking lot was packed with police cars.

Dude, that's like THREE SPACES!
The other spaces were filled with people taking out signs protesting the arrest of Bradley Manning.
I tried to be a sneaky photographer, but my finger betrayed me.
After I finally found a space, I went straight for the gift shop, and grabbed the first gifts I could find: military issue brownie rations, Blue Angels toy airplane launchers, and a bag of nuts in a camouflaged bag.

Had to pass on the hats.

Oooh!  How much is that?
Then I dashed for my car and peeled out of the parking lot. Threading my way through riot police and barricades, I had to slow to a crawl as I went past the main protest. Hey guys, I know you all care about information being free, but you’re making me miss my plane!

Finally, I turned on my handy dandy Google Maps GPS. Now, a normal GPS would take me on a trip like this:
Man, that's too easy.

Google decided to take me on a trip like this:
Now THAT'S more like it.

And I had to stop for gas.

And I had to return the car.

And I had to book more room so I could fit in my seat.


Well, that’s about it. I made it in spite of everything. However, it’s funnier if you think of me missing it.  Maybe I'm still in Virginia, looking for General MacArthur's left hand.

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