Monday, March 28, 2011

A Trip to Patagonia

No, not that Patagonia.
Can you feel the adventure?
Yeah, that’s it.

I was in San Francisco yesterday and walking with my wife when we happened across this Patagonia store.  My wife suggested we go in, in part, because I’ve been without a jacket for a long time.  You see, I used to have this cool leather jacket, but that eventually frayed on the inside, making me look like The Fonz, if he wore a Jewish prayer shawl.
I meant, a leather jacket with torn fringes coming out from underneath.  Close enough.
I switched to three sweatshirts, but two of them were black and I have two white cats.
Only much worse.
So, for the past several months, I’ve been wearing my old sweatshirt from the old game company I used to work for:
Oh mah Gawd!  It's, like, TOTALLY games!
Unfortunately, my sweatshirt went out of style about twenty years before I got it.

So, we went into Patagonia to get me a new jacket.  I should have been wary as there were remains of fossilized mountain climbers in the concrete in front of the door.
They died, so you could feel rugged.

Inside, we quickly found a jacket that was stylish, warm, and wouldn’t show white cat hair so easily.
I'm too sexy for my jacket.  Too sexy for my jacket.  So sexy I... Er...  Lack it?
Then we looked at the price: $229.00.
Aiiieeee!  I have no career!
Yeah, I now get this t-shirt's slogan.
Live simply, so others can simply...?
Live simply, so you can afford to shop at Patagonia.


Morris West Montana said...

Maybe you have an outlet mall near you? I went to one a couple months ago near here and I was able to get $500 worth of nice clothes for about $140. They might not have a patagonia, but maybe they'd have something similar?

M. A. Kagle said...

Yeah, but that would involve driving down specifically to get something. That would require a sense of purpose I was, thankfully, born without.