Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GDC 2011 Report - Day 2

Okay, okay, so I'll talk about the conference. Sheesh.

I didn't want to shell out the extra five hundred dollars for the whole week, so I'm going to only the first two days of the conference and walking around the show floor for another two. The last day, I'm handing my badge off to another person who will try to impersonate me (although he has to work on his panache to pull it off).

On the first two days of the conference, there are a series of talks you can attend based on a theme (or track, as they call it). Having bounced around to sessions on most of the tracks yesterday, I found that all the talks on a track have pretty much the same message over and over again.

I've listed the recurring themes below to save you the thousand dollars you'd have to pay to come to the conference. Now you can pretend you went to the conference and are a snooty game maker, too!

Independent Games
We innovate! The big companies are too big and can't take risks! We're cool!

Social Games
Here is how you can mess with your player's heads to squeeze every last penny out of them.

Education in Games
Our research shows that, by teaching girls how to program, we increased their confidence with computers and programming.
[There's no joke there. She actually said that.]

AI in Games
Some day our games will think and take over ze world. Ahahahahahahaha!

Serious Games
[No, seriously!]

Mobile Games
We had a kick-ass game! (For one week on the iPhone and then it dropped out of the top ten listing and nobody bought it again.)

All their talks were in Japanese, or terribly broken English. I gave up and had to walk out.

Tomorrow I plan on talking about babes, so stay tuned!

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