Friday, March 4, 2011

Final GDC 2011 Report

Since I punted yesterday (Hey, a football metaphor! I know sports.) I'm going to cover two GDC topics today to make it up to you, my reader (hi mom!).

My GDC Burden

I have a large stack of papers. This stack has been steadily growing for over fifteen years. Every year, I pick up this stack, put it in my backpack, and take it to the GDC. Then, between sessions, I take out the pages, rifle through them, and put them back. At the end of GDC I take them home and put them back on my desk.

I am talking, of course, about my notes. When you pay upwards of two thousand dollars for a conference, you really really really want to remember what the speakers say. I take the slips of paper given out for feedback on the speakers and keep notes on them. The problem with notes, of course, is figuring out what to do with them after the conference. Me, I put them in piles and promise myself I'll transcribe them onto the computer.

Note the word promise. I still have notes from 2001.

When GDC rolls around, I dig the stack out and take them with me, planning to transcribe them onto my laptop between sessions. Of course, now that I keep new notes on computer, I have to find something to do with all of those "speaker feedback" pages they give me.

Speaking of which...


I've been going to the GDC for fifteen years and I have never filled out a speaker feedback sheet. Why? Because I've been going to the GDC for fifteen years and they have not once asked me to be a speaker. Okay, so maybe I haven't done much in the game industry. Okay, so they may not have liked my choice of topics (Game Tutorials and the Art of Getting a Date, Text Adventures for Profit, Why You Suck and I Don't, etc.). However, the fact they haven't accepted me in fifteen years I can only attribute to nepotism, favoritism, nihilism, and any other ism I can think of.

So, Game Developer's Conference organizers, listen up. You make two thousand dollars an attendee. If you multiply that times the fifteen times I've gone, you've made thirty thousand dollars off of me. Isn't that worthy of a speakership just once? I don't even have to do a long speech.

How about you let me tell everyone to turn in their feedback sheets?

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