Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tiger Kids

When I was at school one day (I'm not exactly sure when, but I was going to Oakland School, so it must have been between Kindergarten and 2nd grade) and sitting on a piece of playground equipment shaped like a big shoe, I noticed some big kids talking below me. They probably weren't all that big, but from my perspective, they seemed like adults.

"You know, Bengal tigers are really sweet," one said.

"Yeah, I read that," the other said.

"Once, I was at a zoo and I tripped. My hand went out INTO the Bengal Tiger's cage. I thought, 'oh no!' but all it did was give me a little lick."

I thought about that fact for years, mulling it over in my head. How strange that a tiger would do that. How odd that you could just trip and stick your hand inside.

It's only now, decades later, that I realize those kids were trying to get me killed. Sometimes, I still wonder: were they saying that to everyone or were they specifically targeting me?

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