Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DBIM: Chicken Run

Some will take issue with my mention of this movie, since it's a pretty pro-bird film.  However, you never see a cat or dog movie where a cat or dog dies, do you?

Movie Name: Chicken Run
Severity: 1
Genre: Film
Date: 2000
Description: One of the chickens (Edwina) is singled out for not having produced enough eggs and is taken to the chopping block. The death is dramatic, but not gory.
Mitigating Factors: This is a very pro-bird movie. Killing chickens for food and keeping them in captivity is shown to be horrific.  The birds eventually escape their captivity in the end and live happily away from humans.  As I said, I hesitate to put it on the list.
Aggravating Factors: None.

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