Friday, February 4, 2011

DBIM: Charmed (Episode 68)

The Dead Birds in Movies list is one of my personal demons.  It's a list of all of the times I've watched or read about a bird getting killed in a movie, television show, or book.  I used to be a bird owner, and it upsets me that almost any time you see a bird in a move, it has been put in just to get killed.  Nobody believed me, so I just started writing a list.  The list is pretty huge at this point.

Episode Name: Charmed Again
Severity: 1
Genre: Television
Date: 2001
Description: One of the main character's boyfriends is possessed by a demon without her knowledge. When he walks into her apartment, her pet bird freaks out. He looks at the bird and it vanishes in a puff of flame.
Mitigating Factors: None
Aggravating Factors: After killing the bird and "eating" it, he jokes that he doesn't need to have lunch because he "already ate."

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