Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Novel Will They Give the Next Nobel For?

So, I'm gearing up for National Write a Novel Month. For all of November, I'll post pieces of my novel here instead of my usual blog. Since you're stuck reading it instead of my usual brilliant prose, I figure you should all have a choice in what I write. Read the options and then choose.
1. Michael Goose
Romance - The story of a man’s attempt to find true love. Each chapter’s story comes from a classic Mother Goose rhyme.
2. Pinhole
Science Fiction - A series of intertwined stories based around how the development of one piece of technology changes several lives over the course of millions of years.
3. A Thousand Secret Sorrows
Science Fantasy - One man must discover the lost memories of one of the most important people in history, or have those memories kill him.
4. Oneman
Space Opera – A king is torn between saving the lives of his family and saving the lives of his subjects.
5. Scrolls of Merlin
Historical Fantasy – A new take on the story of Arthur (told from the point of view of all of the characters in the story).
6. Riding the Wave
Medical Science Fiction – James Herriott, if he lived on a frontier planet and cared for giant, genetically engineered gryphons.
7. Waterfall Castle
Fantasy – A young man must escape from a giant castle built around a waterfall. As he escapes, he uncovers dark secrets about the castle’s creation.
8. Red Mercury
Horror – A Dracula-style horror story about one woman’s attempt to uncover a mysterious man’s true intentions toward a young rock star.
9. Trophy Husband (dot com)
Romantic Comedy – Tired of waiting for the perfect husband (who will stay at home with the kids), successful entrepreneur Alison decides to hold auditions.
10. Dragon Hunting for the Complete Moron
Fantasy Humor – Wrongfully accused of impregnating the king’s daughter, a poor herdsman is forced to go on a quest to slay a mythical dragon while accompanied by a group of unhelpful characters.
11. Time Expired
Thriller/Black Comedy – The intertwined lives of Rita, who is trapped in her house with a time bomb and Ted, who is kept from his life’s dream by red tape.