Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update since it’s late and I can’t think of anything else to write about. (I was going to write about a blood-curdling animation I found on YouTube about a cute baby bird being fed to a shark by his father, but I already did a DBIM this week.) So, here’s the tally on the novel choices for next month’s writing marathon:

Pinhole = 3

Time Expired = 1

I realize that there’s a problem with the voting system, but it seems all both of my readers have voted twice. Now that I think about it, I like the whole “stuffing the ballot box” thing. Go ahead and vote a bunch of times if you want. Enthusiasm counts!

Anyway, I figured I’d add a little more information about the two lead contenders to help you both vote more.

This novel is a series of short stories about people whose lives are effected by the invention of the “Blakely Pinhole,” a device that allows people to create wormholes. The technology advances over the course of the novel and effects different lives in different ways. The stories span several million years of history and is told in chronological order.

Time Expired
This novel is an odd combination of thriller, dark comedy, and mystery, so it’s hard to say much without giving the big reveal away. There are two major stories. The first story is about Rita, who is trapped in her home with a ticking time bomb, trying to keep the bomb from detonating while figuring out who set it and looking for a way to escape. The other story is a dark comedy about Maxwell, who sets out to propose to the woman he loves, only to be driven to the point of insanity by red tape that blocks his every move.

Anyway, those are the big contenders. I’ll go similarly in depth for every novel that gets a vote.


Ellen said...

I still like "Pinhole".

sfirongirl said...

I still like "Pinhole" too (although the title unfortunately makes me think of another, similar word).