Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Ring Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Children of all ages! 

Allow me to present to you, in the center ring, Matthew the Insane!

Matthew isn't about to embark upon a normal feat of daring.  He will not be merely jumping through flaming hoops wearing nothing but a gasoline soaked jock strap.  He will not be simply covering himself with catnip and throwing himself into a cage with starving lions.  He won't be just eating sushi in Chicago.

Matthew will be, for your enjoyment, writing a novel and posting it online as he is doing it.  He will not be relying on detailed notes.  He will not have the ability to go back and rewrite previous chapters that don't fit with later chapters.  He hasn't completed any of the required research for the historical chapters. 

People with weak constitutions should stop reading this blog right now, because Matthew will have to write a time travel story with multiple interlocking storylines in chronological order.

I see that Matthew has installed Microsoft Word XP on his new laptop, so I without any further ado, I give you...


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