Friday, September 17, 2010

Three Red Day

Today, I received an ad in the mail for a new business card from American Express. They call it the Plum Card. It has a number of (frankly unimpressive) features. I could go on about them, but I need to touch on one important point.


Seriously? Plum? You couldn’t have called it American Express Crimson or American Express Ruby or, heaven forbid, American Express RED? You have to wonder where they got that name. I imagine they spent a lot of nights playing Clue.

Shortly after I found that in the mail, I took my kids to a bakery in Los Altos. Across the street from the bakery was this store:

Notice the color of the sign? It’s purple (lavender if you’re female). The store is purple inside and out. Notice the name on the sign? Scarlet. The store is called “Boutique Scarlet.” Last year, when I asked the store owner if she had been trying to be ironic by naming her purple store a shade of red, she informed me that Scarlet had been her grandmother’s name. I assume that having a sense of humor is necessary for running a successful business, as the purple Scarlet Boutique is out of business.

Oh, and my phone broke, my son wouldn’t nap, the kids are screaming and fighting and breaking things, and my stomach is upset. So, I guess you could say I’m seeing red.

Yeah, okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch.

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