Saturday, September 18, 2010

Search Terms and Google Analytics

So, I have Google Analytics up for this blog.  Why?  Because I like knowing that my audience (all both of you) are paying attention.  One day, when I finally pass into that giant pop-up toaster in the sky, you'll know I'm gone within 24 hours because I haven't posted.  If I can't keep your attention, it could be weeks before you notice I'm dead, so I have to keep your attention.

GA has this nice feature where it shows you what search terms people entered and ended up with your site.  Mine are:
1. "estate auction" blogspot
2. death watch beetle in costco chair
3. does "music rot your brain"
4. katy perry ice blue hair

I must admit, I'm a bit perplexed by these results.  #3 and #4 I can kind of get.  I did several pieces on blue hair and even mentioned Katy Perry.  I also mentioned how much I hate music, especially sung by children.  However the first two have me flummoxed.  Did I ever mention an estate auction?  And what the flying heck is a death watch beetle costco chair?

Yeah, that last one has me freaked out.  Isn't the deathwatch beetle supposed to warn you of an upcoming death?  Maybe I just took the movie Practical Magic too seriously.  Wait, does this search term mean the beetle is warning me I'm going to die in a Costco chair?! 

Quick!  Google Analytics!  Tell me they're still reading!  Aaaaarrrrrgggg!

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