Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lost LOST Episode

There’s been a lot of criticism of the ending to Lost over the past few months, most of it justified. The general vein of the criticism seems to come in two flavors: the whole afterlife thingy was stupid and there were no answers. While both of these are valid criticisms, I have one more: they never used my spec script.

See I wrote this whole flashforward thingy that they never used. It’s painful to think that my hours of work on the flashforward wasn’t appreciated, that they never paid me for it and that it never saw the “light of day.” However, as I don’t have an agent, didn’t submit it, and (in all honesty) never actually wrote it down, it’s hard to blame them. Nah, who am I kidding, it’s pretty easy to blame them. Jerks.

Anyway, here’s a treatment for my piece of Lost.

Kate, dressed in a dark suit is standing before the judge. He takes a paper from the officer and reads the “not guilty” verdict. The crown explodes. Kate, fighting back tears, hugs her lawyer and turns to the audience, looking for Jack. She spots him and smiles, but then notices a middle-aged woman behind him. The woman is staring at Kate with such intensity that her smile falls. Kate stares as the woman turns and leaves the courtroom.

Later that night, Kate has dinner with Jack, and describes the woman. That night, she sneaks out of bed and starts looking on the internet. She finally finds the woman, the widow of Edward Mars, the bounty hunter who spent years of his life pursuing Kate before finally dying on The Island.

The next morning she tells Jack. He tries to convince her to put it out of her mind, but Kate can’t get past the fact that she is not only responsible for his death, but also keeping him from his family (as he was chasing her) for years. She resolves to find them, give them some of the money from her settlement with Oceanic, and apologize.

She arrives at their door, nervous, and rings the bell. After a moment, the door opens and it’s Mrs. Mars, who gasps when she sees Kate. The words tumble out of Kate’s mouth, incoherent apologies that she can’t seem to keep straight. Then, suddenly, Mrs. Mars hugs her and thanks her.

Kate is confused. Mrs. Mars drags Kate inside where she meets his three children. They all hug and kiss Kate. Mrs. Mars explains that her husband had been an violent drunk. He spent all their money on drinking and gambling and that the only time they had a reprieve from his abuse was when he was chasing her. Kate tries to offer them a check, but they refuse, telling her that she’s done more for them than she could possibly imagine.

Then they invite her to stay for dinner.

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