Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can do it. Honest.

If you know me, and I hope you don't, you know I don't write very often. As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but as my father pointed out, I just didn't do any writing. Writing, as everyone will tell you, is really-eely hard. Well, not exactly hard. I guess it's more painful than hard. Anyway, I never wrote anything or improved my skills because writing was painful to do.

Years later, I tried to push my writing skills along and, spurred on by a late night inspiration and a regular train trip with no internet access, found myself writing a lot. The result? A couple dozen depressing, moralistic tales. Sure, my family liked them, but they all thought I'd do better if I was working on better material. In other words, write funnier stuff.


So, here I am trying to find my funny side. Once a week I will try to write something, anything funny.

Is this funny yet? No? Shoot, I'm already in trouble. Um....


Hahahahahahahahaha! That never gets old.

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Joan said...

Other than the wierd rant about Christmas presents (or maybe it's just me who doesn't get the joke), I think you are VERY funny! Now this is something that people are going to enjoy reading. Way to go, Matthew!